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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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Designer: Blush
Style Number:9305 This short and sweet little strapless minidress by Blush 9305 will truly add excitement to your homecoming night and any special evening! This mini-dress features a soft curved neckline. Stunning accents are basted onto the short skirt.


9305 Blush Ivory/Purple Size 2 In Stock



don't scare it' perrrrrfect desiner and material is the pest for

I soooo sooooo proud to pay this dress online and i save my moneyBut realy i scary maybe the quality or materyal not good but i'm in love with my dress and i want to hug u if u r femal -,-And i talke to all my freindes about my positive experians and i give your store name to all my family neighpor and frenedsI would to thank you for fast shiping and the high quality for the materyalIn our country we have (DEMETERUES) THAT centrs for weeding dress i see the dress tibical but the coust 9000 SR = 2250 $And i dont belive that if any one tell me but i see that with my selfe so thank you very muchThe dress i deliverd after 9 dayes becouse i contact the profitional sellarThank you ( you make my heart flying withe all happiness)السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاتهعارفه معظم الي بيطلبو بالنت مو عرب بس عشان الي بتجرب لكي هذه النصيحةانا اول مرة اتزوج و ما احب انزل السوق و طلبت الفستان مغامرة مني و الحمدلله و الشكر لله كانت مغامرة رااااااائعة و ناجحة بكل مقاييسهاالفستان اول ما طلبتو اتواصلت مع البائع من خلال والموقع و كان جدا راقي و محترم و كنت باطلبو يشحن الفستان باسرع وقت ممكن لان فرحي قريب وفعلا 9 ايام و كان الفستان عندي و حاعطيكم انطباعياول ما جا الفستان انصدمت لاني ما طلبتو يتغلف كهدية فجاني عادي كشحنة عادية تقريبا 15*15 فقلت اكيد الفستان ابو كلب و فكيت الشحنة الفستان مقلوب على القفا عشان لا ينعدم التطريزو لما لبستو و شفت خامتو كانت المفاجئة رااااااااااااااائع قليل فيه والله العظيم ما يفرق عن فساتين ديمتريوس او روزا كلارا في شي و متاكدة انهم يطلبو من دا الموقع او متعاملين مع نفس التجار دولطبعا مررررة انبسطت لاني و لله الحمد في خير و نعمة بس بطر النعمة و الفلوس الي بتنصرف فالافراح على فستان الفرح و كلها ساعتين بالكتير يتلبس كلها انا اتفاديتها الحمدللهنفس الفستان في ديمتريوس ب 9000 ريال سعودي ما يعادل 2250 دولاردا الفستان ما كلفني الا 741 ريال سعودي و انا طلبتلو الجبون ب200 ريال و الطرحة ب 44 ريال يعني كلو على بعضو ما كمل الف ريال 985 بالضبطو نفس الخامات و نفس جودة الخياطة و نفس الصورة بالمليو حتى اهلي لما شافوه مرررررة عجبهم مع انه كنت انا اول تجربه في العائلة و حاتواصل مع البائع لما نزوج احد تانياتمنى ان الكل يحتذي بيا والله توفري فلوس تحطيها في شي تستفيدي منه مو فستان حيتركن فوق الدولاب بس عشان الناس تقول فستان لولو ب10000 اروح ادفع للمحلات الكبيرة !!!! مررررة مقهورة من دي المحلات الي تستغل العروسه و يكون مكسبها خيالي عشرة اضعاف السعرانا جربت من دا التاجر و حاحاول انزل الصور مع اني ما اعرف بس حاحاول والي تبى تتواصل معايا ارسلها الصور على الايميل او الوتسLulu-caty5@live.com+966556548247


USA horray!

Cute. I wore it as a party dress with a jacket. Made for the beach but it worked. So happy it's made in the USA.


Five Stars

Very pretty on


Five Stars

Nice Loved it


Comfortable and beautiful dress

My favorite dress by far from this company. So comfortable and the design of lace over fabric is so beautiful. Very supporting strapless torso that doesn't slide or slip at all during wear. Fits perfectly for a 2x that is 5'9" with a longer torso, and the hem comes to right above the knee.


Love the dress

Hubby loves me in it! Very pretty. Sparkly. Know I have a little Blue Dress. Comfortable


The material is great and doesn't feel cheap at all

It's almost creepy that this dress is so cheap. The material is great and doesn't feel cheap at all! it's a very very cute dress.


Five Stars



Great gown

The gown fits perfectly. I love it. my family loves the way it on me he is beautiful


Super cute dress!

I normally wear a medium to large in dresses, but decided to size up to XL because I'm a bit large in the chest, it fits perfectly. It really flatters any body type, and is super cute with the belt. So far I've ordered about 8 Allegra k clothing articles and only one was to small. For the price of these clothes, you can't go wrong.


Five Stars

Awesome material!


Darling Comfy Fun Dress!

I already owned the black version of this dress so I knew I loved the way it fit. It is especially good for those without a tiny waist,, looks fitted but is comfortable. Beautiful color. Lovely price! Perfect@


The dress was beautiful definitely fit for a princess and the se

The dress was beautiful definitely fit for a princess and the seller was so helpful. The note she sent with the dress was also nice. Definitely would use this seller again


Absolutely Amazing dress for the money!

Bought this dress for my fiance for a black tie Christmas Gala that we attended. As she first tried it on, we had some difficulty in zippering the dress, but after I found the trouble area that it was getting caught on, all was well. This dress is extremely tight fitting (and long she's 5'8 and 125lbs and had on 3.5" heels for the perfect length), which if you have the slim body type you will be fine. The sequins did get a bit itchy, as the dress didn't have a slip (nor was there any room for one) but nothing that she couldn't handle. Now the best part, everyone's reaction to the dress was amazing! Walking through the lobby (not even to the ballroom yet) of the hotel we were stopped by two different couples so they could get a better look at the dress and tell her how stunning she looked in it! The dress was a complete success and the few people that we told how much we purchased it for, could not believe it. Then to top it off, we were watching TV and one of the girls on the Bachelor had the same dress, but in the green!!

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